Single Mother Cannot Afford The Life Saving Transplant For Her Son

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Shanthi had always endured a lot of pain and hardhsip for her children. Everything she did was to protect them from the abuse of her alcoholic husband. But one day, the unimaginable happened – her husband, heavily intoxicated, came home and started a fight with her. During the fight, enraged, he threw kerosene oil at her and set her on fire. She suffered severe burns from the neck below. Shanthi fought back the terrible pain and trauma, determined to be strong for her children. However, shortly after the tragedy, her older son, Arul, was diagnosed with a severe liver disease. Shanthi is shattered. Just when she thought their lives would be ‘normal’ for once, his grave diagnosis brought their lives to a standstill. Arul’s liver has completely failed and he won’t live for long without a liver transplant. Unfortunately, Shanthi is completely helpless.

This little boy lives in constant fear of losing his life and begs everyone to help him

Arul had persistent jaundice since he was 2-year-old. The local hospital continued to prescribe medicines for him. Four months back, he suddenly threw up blood and became very weak. Shanti took her to Government hospital in Kanyakumari, he was admitted for a month and the tests reports confirmed that his liver has failed completely. The doctors suggested to take him to a hospital in Coimbatore. In a matter of few days, his condition deteriorated. His eyes are deep yellow now, he throws up everything and he can hardly get up from the bed. The fluid accumulation in his stomach causes him unbearable pain and does not let him eat anything. Last week, the sodium level in his body was drastically reduced which disturbs the brain function.

"He started shouting in pain and suddenly started talking incoherently.  I did not understand what was happening to him. In the blink of an eye, he ran to the road. He was crying and shouting, asking people to help him.  Fear of death has completely consumed him. A passer-by gave him Rs 100. I stood numb seeing all this. Everyone pulled him and he was taken to Emergency room. He became normal only the next day. I don't know what else I'm destined to see in this life." - Shanthi.

The little boy doesn't know that his mother cannot afford the transplant

Arul's condition is very critical and only a liver transplant can save his life. His mother will be his donor. Back in his village in Virundhunagar district Tamil Nadu, Arul has a lot of friends. He is quite popular in his school because of his sense of humour. He used to be mocked for his swollen stomach, (his stomach was lightly swollen for 2 years) but he easily made friends with everyone and eventually they stopped making fun of him. Now, his friends and teachers pray for him every day. Shanthi recently found out that one of his classmates innocently had told him that he will not survive without the transplant. Arul has stopped talking since then. Now all he thinks and speaks about is the transplant which his mother cannot afford.

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10-year-old Arul is battling a deadly liver disease. His liver has completely failed and needs an urgent transplant to survive. His mother who's had to overcome several hurdles in her life is struggling to save her son. She has nothing left with her and is desperately waiting for a help. The little boy lives in constant fear of death, with your support he can fight this cruel disease and live a normal life.

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